The Leader In Ultra Green Hydrogen And Global Carbon Removal

Pennsaco Ultra Green Hydrogen Removes CO2 With Every Mile Travelled by Truck, Train, Ship, or Plane.

Climate Change

Reverse environmental consequences from overutilization of fossil fuels and generate permanent CO2 removal.

Reducing fossil fuel consumption has never been more urgent. Global energy consumption increases by 1% every year, and fossil fuels continue to be the primary source of energy. Fossil fuels have also been the primary contributor to climate change, the effects of which are being felt every day in the form of wildfires, drought, flooding, increased hurricane strength and activity, and increasingly hot summers.  The impacts already cost billions of dollars to combat.  Miami has built a massive pumping infrastructure to minimize “nuisance flooding,” New York City is considering a massive sea wall to protect from hurricanes and rising tides, and farmers across the Midwest are struggling under the intense heat to produce crops. This is a trend, not a series of isolated incidents, and if we don’t begin to act now many of these impacts will become irreversible.


Take trains, planes, ships and heavy vehicles off fossil fuels and onto ultra-green hydrogen.

Every gallon of case releases 21 pounds of CO2 from the tailpipe and into the atmosphere. The impacts of extracting, shipping, and refining gasoline add and additional 50-100 pounds of CO2 for every gallon of gas consumed.  It is clear this method of fuel production is unsustainable. Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity, but batteries cannot provide the power and distance required by planes, trains, ships, and heavy trucks.  Hydrogen fuel cells provide the power necessary, with re-fueling as simple as it is today for liquid fuels.

Pennsaco’s Ultra Green Hydrogen removes carbon from the atmosphere with every mile driven. The feedstocks are recycled and sustainable, the production methods are carbon-free, and hydrogen exhaust produces only water. Planes, trains, and heavy equipment that could never carry the batteries required to power them are already using hydrogen as an alternative fuel, and this trend is on the rise.

Food Security

Employ High Purity Biochar and Ultra Green Fertilizers to increase food crop productivity with less water and no dangerous chemicals.

The world loses millions of acres of arable land each year, and the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides has created barren patches of land that were once fertile. For these reasons and others, western methods of chemical food production are being shunned in developing nations, and even farmers in America are coming to realize their productivity is being compromised by these expensive and heavily processed techniques.

Biochar, a key co-product of Pennsaco’s hydrogen production system, has decades of proven efficacy at reducing the demands of water, fertilizer, and pesticides in crop production.  Moreover, biochar can rejuvenate tired soils, increasing the amount of arable land necessary to feed a growing global population.


Reclaim waste, especially plastics, and convert it into renewable electricity, Ultra Green Hydrogen, and High Purity Carbon products

The middle class is growing around the world.  Billions of people are achieving higher quality of living. Good news, but it comes with an increase in waste generation.  Landfills are full or closed, and incineration is one of the most toxic industrial processes employed on the planet. Reduce and re-use are important steps in limiting the growth of waste, and a massive waste-to-value industry is growing to recycle what is finally spent.

Pennsaco converts waste cleanly into Ultra Green Hydrogen and renewable electricity. Our processes can even be deployed to solve the global glut of plastic waste spilling into our rivers and oceans, and the tires toxifying our land and water tables.  Waste is only waste if you don’t know how to use it, and Pennsaco knows how to use waste.