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The Leader in Ultra Green Hydrogen and Global Carbon Removal

Pennsaco produces Ultra Green Hydrogen and High Purity Biochar from sustainable waste, and we are building the world’s largest sustainable commodities company.

Ultra Green Hydrogen removes carbon from the atmosphere with every mile traveled. By replacing diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline with hydrogen, engines running on Ultra Green Hydrogen discharge only water while reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

High-purity biochar permanently removes thousands of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, expanding the goals of sustainability to an industrial scale.

Made from waste materials, Pennsaco’s patented process:

  • Reduces waste
  • Generates green energy in excess of plants demands
  • Produces green hydrogen for transportation and biochar for land application

A Pennsaco facility can process sustainably managed waste, producing thousands of tons of Ultra Green Hydrogen and High Purity Biochar. The plants have positive environmental impacts, create great local jobs, and keep energy production secure and domestic.

Ultra Green Hydrogen Moves Vehicles

Trucks, trains, ships, and planes travel long distances travel long distances and consume a lot of fuel. Most are looking for reliable fuels to lower their carbon footprint, but carrying the tons of batteries required is inefficient if not impossible.  Truckers can’t afford long and frequent refueling layovers, and jets, planes, and ships travel long distances between fueling options.

Pennsaco’s Ultra Green Hydrogen meets the exacting purity standards necessary for transportation fuels, including jet fuel. Our patented Dual Stream Hydrogen Production System, Pennsaco is able to produce green hydrogen at less than half the cost of competing methods, with a path to under a dollar per kilogram by 2030. A kilogram of hydrogen carries the same energy content as a gallon of gas, this makes Pennsaco Ultra Green Hydrogen cheaper than fossil fuels while removing CO2 from the atmosphere with every mile.

High Purity Biochar

High Purity Biochar can improve agricultural yields at a global scale. Tilling biochar into the soil reduces water requirements and limits the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Proven to improve soil health, it can increase crop yields and reclaim land that has deteriorated with overuse. Already widely used in parks and golf courses, orchards and horticulture, biochar is being adopted worldwide by the agriculture industry.


Biochar is also used to remediate land that has been damaged by mining or depleted by overuse of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture.  Applying biochar provides the same benefits to these damaged lands as it does when applied to crops, enabling plants to grow more effectively and with less water.

Biochar applied to the also land sequesters carbon away from the atmosphere. Pennsaco’s High Purity Biochar removes more carbon per ton than standard biochar, and it can be customized to a specific purpose.

Global Carbon Markets

The carbon markets are financial tools used by the government and the private sector to create an economy that combats climate change. Valuable credits created in one region can be sold on the carbon market half way around the world.  Pennsaco meets the criteria to capitalize on several of these financial tools within the $95 billion global market.  Pennsaco’s sustainable feedstocks, waste reduction, hydrogen production, and carbon sequestration all meet carbon offsets and removal metrics that are valued on the carbon markets.